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"Fliegen im Weltinnenraum" (Flying in the world interior)

"Fliegen im Weltinnenraum" (Flying in the world interior)
(after a poem by R.M.Rilke)

Through all beings the one space reaches:

World inner space. The birds fly silently

through us. O, who wants to grow,

I look out, and in me the tree grows.

For the first time Kurt Buchwald shows works from his beginnings together with current photographs. He begins with artistic photography in 1979, discovers the unconscious, relates to the world and combines action and photography. He continues this until today. It is also the thread that runs through the exhibition. Whether it's Reclining in the Street in 1982, iconoclasts in 1989, Tubular Man in 2005, or Shadows in 2020, it's the artist acting physically. He developed this approach under the influence of the artist group Clara Mosch, which represented non-conformist positions in the GDR. The focus was on the artistic "I" and the exploration of the inner space of the world. Socialist Realism was fixated on the representation of the outside space, and of course photography was too. Buchwald was committed to experimentation, comparable to the "New Vision" and conceptual photography, but also always pursued an interior view.

 "For me, it's about questioning the medium, taking a new look at what I do with the camera. I realize that I need to combine performance and photography. Making is also a physical process, it's preceded by sensation. It's not just seeing, it's much more that is addressed. ….... Via disruption, I retrieve the physical, I make a radical intervention in the photographic system, new possibilities and images emerge that connect with the zeitgeist."

 A hand can be seen in early photographs and in recent works. Grasping is also "grasping the world" - Buchwald's drive to photograph and to understand. He allows "In the circle of perception" (experimental photo project from 2001) to create something new, something fictional, a mirage. The questions about the recognizability of the world drive the artist. "What is reality, actually? When the body merges with the imagination" (Markus Gabriel).

Clara Mosch: The group was founded in 1977 in the Saxon industrial city of Chemnitz by the artists Michael Morgner, Thomas Ranft, Carlfriedrich Claus, Gregor-Torsten Schade and Dagmar Ranft-Schinke and existed until 1982. The name was formed from the beginnings of the artists' last names.

Markus Gabriel: German philosopher. He has taught as a professor at the University of Bonn since 2009, including Warum es die Welt nicht gibt. Ullstein, Berlin 2013

Ausstellungseröffnung und Podiumsgespräch

Sonia Voss, Kuratorin (Berlin/Paris) und Kurt Buchwald, Künstler (Berlin) im Gespräch mit Dr. Steffen Damm

am Freitag, 2. 10. 2020, um 19:30 Uhr, 

in der

Die Ausstellung findet statt im Rahmen der Gesprächs- und Ausstellungsreihe „zeit.PUNKT“ der KULTURSTIFTUNG HAUS EUROPA.



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