Gallery, exhibition, archive, documentation forum on art in the GDR

Gunar Barthel    +49 172 - 39 27 886

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Gunar Barthel + Tobias Tetzner + Nora Barthel + Tabea Wendenburg

    for 40 years we have been promoting non-conformist art in the GDR

    since 2018 Cooperation with the Kulturstiftung Haus EUROPA (Cultural Foundation House EUROPE)

    since 2005 development of an archive and documentation center on art in the GDR

With us you can find:

Works from the GDR period (1949-1990):

unique pieces   ( painting, works on paper, artistic photography, sculptures / objects )

Graphical portfolio (published between 1960-2004)

the complete graphic work by Carlfriedrich CLAUS 1966-1998 + basic drawings 1962-1998 + photo film archive material

original graphic artist posters 1975 - 2008, (signed, dated, limited. mostly less than 50 copies total edition, partly unique)

original graphic artist books (signed, dated, limited, total edition usually between 50 - 100 copies, 1980-2008)

Artistic photography (original artist prints / vintage prints), 1975-2005

Works by the artist group CLARA MOSCH (1977-1982, unique major works, editions, posters, photographs, artist postcards, documents, tempos, occasional drawings)

numerous documents, publications, archive material, Stasi files on Gunar Barthel's activities in the gallery above, Karl-Marx-Stadt, 1979-1987 and in Bremen 1987-1989

Special library on art in the GDR, including special editions, signed catalogs and catalogs of works, 1949-1990

  • We realize for you:

Sale / purchase in collector's order

Supervision of pre- and post-events / scientific review / preparation for the compilation of catalogs of works

Tours in exhibitions / lectures, discussion forums on art in the GDR

Location for conferences / workshops / events (up to max. 25 ps.)

Special courses for setting up (business start-up) / gallery management / collaboration artist + gallery / individual presentations / cooperation between galleries

Advice on seminar, master's and doctoral theses on art in the GDR

Creation of press releases / texts

Media service / media presentation

Furnishing public spaces with art

Advice on large orders

Trade fair presentations / exhibition presentations (individual, group, thematic and traveling exhibitions)

Creation of catalogs / publications / editions / website

Advising artists / galleries on funding

Expert opinion on GDR art

The Collection + Archive for non-conforming art and subculture in the GDR and the Reunification Period has been in existence since 1979.

We are interested in submitting art from the GDR (only representative works and groups of works from 1949-1990).

The gallery BARTHEL + TETZNER and the KULTURSTIFTUNG HAUS EUROPA cordially invite you to celebrate three days with us:

   30 years fall of the Berlin Wall


+ 40 years Gunar Barthel gallerist

On November 8, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. in the gallery: Preview of the special exhibition +++ Conversation with gallery owners and guests +++ Conny Bauer, trombone +++ session +++ is playing ...

On November 9, 2019, from 4 p.m .: exhibition opening + get together.

On November 10th, 2019, from 11 a.m .: art breakfast
We show the special exhibition in both parts of the gallery:


Karl-Heinz ADLER, Gerhard ALTENBOURG, Carlfriedrich CLAUS, Hermann GLÖCKNER, Eberhard GÖSCHEL, Klaus HÄHNER-SPRINGMÜHL, Erich-Wolfgang HARTZSCH, Michael MORGNER, Thomas RANFT, Helmut STURM, Max UHLIG, Steffen VOLMER

as well as artists of the groups


Photo, film and sound recordings can be made and, if necessary, published during the events. With your participation you agree to the unlimited use of the recordings by the Kulturstiftung Haus EUROPA + and the GALERIE BARTHEL + TETZNER.

Gunar Barthel + Tobias Tetzner

Fasanenstrasse 15
10623 Berlin

Gunar Barthel: 0172 - 39 27 886

We look forward to your visit - by appointment - in our two galleries, also on Sundays and public holidays.